Fitness Center Information Systems Plan

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Mission The mission of the project is to develop a new information system that will create significant value within The Fitness Center, streamline it?s supply chain, improve customer relations, and distinguish The Fitness Center from the rest of the competition. Our competitors are more concerned about getting member initiation fees and are less concerned about total member satisfaction. The Information system will provide a feedback mechanism that can be used as a tool to assist fitness members as well as fitness consultants to track participation in various fitness activities. The fitness activities include: yoga, aerobic classes, stair climbers, swimming, volleyball, bicycle conditioning, and free weights. The feedback will be used to help members create a specific fitness regimen to meet their particular needs and goals. This is much more comprehensive then a basic fitness schedule and diet plan. Fitness members will use their membership ID to scan various machines that will transmit information to the mainframe system.

Each machine will also have with a receiver, ID number and dates and times will be stored and divided according to fitness activity. For example cardio activities like kickboxing, swimming would be separated from free weights and machines. Our personnel team will choose a prototype approach to the systems development process. We will identify and analyze problems, come up with alternative solutions and create new designs that will be incorporated into the system. At that time, we will promote the system to both members and Fitness Center employees, who will provide suggestions on ways to improve the system. With the feedback we can now begin to develop a comprehensive prototype that well eventually input the data of the various fitness activity participation. I am excited and optimistic that we are choosing to implement technology that will help to assist in the future...