Fitzgerald and "The Great Gatsby"

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was a famous writer in the 1920's. "The Great Gatsby" was one of his famous novels. The 1920's was a period were many fascinating things had happened. Fitzgerald, also had an interesting life. Both Fitzgerald's life and the era of the 1920's had helped influence the making of "The Great Gatsby".

Fitzgerald's life is related to his novel "The Great Gatsby". His father was an unsuccessful salesman, and a character in the novel named Jay Gatsby, had a father who was a poor farmer. Both Fitzgerald and Gatsby went to a Catholic School. At Newman Catholic School, Fitzgerald met Father Sigournay Fay, who was an equivalent to Dan Cody, another character in the novel. Father Fay helped achieve personal goals like Dan Cody helping out Gatsby. (Wang, Henry) Fitzgerald and Nick, Gatsby's friend in the novel, attended Princeton. At Princeton, Fitzgerald met Ginervra King, who was very popular and a protocol of Daisy.

She was Fitzgerald's first love. (Liukkonen, Petri) Eventually Fitzgerald flunked out of Princeton, just like how Gatsby flunked out of Oxford University. (Mizener, Arthur) Both Fitzgerald and Gatsby were part of World War 1. During the war, Fitzgerald met Zelda Sayre for the first time, and Gatsby also met Daisy during the war. At first Sayre rejected Fitzgerald, because he was unsuccessful, which was the same situation with Daisy and Gatsby. (Bruccoli, Matthew) Around the 1920's, Fitzgerald finally started to become successful. (Wang, Henry) He gained his wealth very quickly, which might of created the concept of East and West Egg. When Fitzgerald went to Paris, he met someone named Joyce who was similar to Nick. Joyce says, "That man must be mad- I'm afraid he'll do himself injury." Nick had the same concerns for Gatsby. He disagreed with everything that Gatsby stands for,