Five Kingdoms of Life

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The Five Kingdoms

Kingdom Monera 'In an agricultural soil, there could be as many as 2.5 billion of bacteria...'

Monera or Bacteria is a kingdom of living thing that reproduce by merely splitting. Bacteria and blue or green algae are considered of being the simplest of the organisms in the Kingdom of Prokaryotae. Furthermore these organisms are single-celled and have hardly any organisation in their cell structures. In addition it is kwon that the members of this kingdom do not contain nuclear membranes in their cells. This means that heir genetic code swims freely in the cytoplasm of the cell (not protected). Going into more detail, it is known that some of the members of this kingdom are able of making their own food by the use of sunlight. By on the other hand, others are able to use nitrogen, hydrogen, sulphur, or iron to generate their food. More specifically, this kingdom is important because in this essential for the proper function of the ecological system of the world.

This means that the bacteria are needed for example for the conversion of nitrogen into a useful form. Also bacteria are a food source for many of the other kingdoms.

Kingdom Protoctista 'This group includes about 50.000 species of protozoan, and between 8.000 and 12.000 species of algae...'

Most of the members of this kingdom are at microscopic size, but some are able to form colonies of a number of cells. This kingdom contains both some of the animal characteristics and the plant characteristics. Furthermore the members of this kingdom, as was said before, are usually single celled and do not have organs or tissue. In addition, it is known that these organisms are able to live of open land, in water, or on another organism. It is also important to...