The Five Major Battles.

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-Canadian soldiers were sent to help protect the Western Front after training in


-They reached the Western Front in February 1915

-They joined French-Algerian troops in the trenches near the town of Ypres

-April 22, two months after arriving, Germany choose Ypres for the first gas

attack ever

-They set off 5730 cylinders of chlorine gas

-The gas killed 6037 Canadian soldiers

-The soldiers still stood their ground

-Little land was gained by the Germans


-Douglas haig (British general) determind to break through the german front

-Launched a disastrous drive across Belgium (1917)

-Canadian Corps prepare for capture of Passchendaele

-4 million shells destroyed dams and drainage systems

-German on high ground above the battlefield

-Canada lower ground

-Barely any germans get hit (Canada had bad aim)

-Fighting stopped on Nov. 15

-Brits gained 6km

-Canadian casualties stood at 15, 654

-9 soldiers were awarded the Victoria Cross

Canada's Hundred Days

-Allied troops try to get back the French and Belgian land, which was taken by


-They started August 8th, 1918

-Canada gained 130km of land

-By that time Germany's army was about to collapse and ready to talk terms of


-That same day the armistice ended the war

-World War 1 ended November 11th, 1918, which was the end what is known as

Canada's Hundred Days

The Battle of the Somme

-(1916) German army began pressing the French troops hard at Verdun

Douglas Haig

-decided to go on the offensive and smash through the German lines (known as

the battle of the somme)

-was slow to adjust to the new demand of trench welfare (countless allied lives

were lost in series of badly planned and poorly excuted battles alone the soome)

-over estimatedthe effectiveness of the artillery barrage

-Brit/French bombared German lines with 1.5...