Five paragraph opinion essay: What it is to be Canadian.

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Canada, it's the home of many cultures, people, and moose, or is it mice? No, that's mouse. Now I was told to lookup some information on a subject to create a horribly boring piece of work, which no one in their right mind would stay awake to listen to. But, that can be changed. Hopefully I can spare you the boredom, and since it can be an opinion piece I think living here for (number) years has given me a fair bit of knowledge of our great land. Of course that begs a question; what makes being Canadian so great anyway?

Could it be our unfailing, unfaltering, almighty government? Wow, somehow I don't quite think so. After years of incompetence and public mockery, we're in desperate need of real leadership and representation. Maybe good old Paul Martin can do it for us. Paul Martin, Prime Minister, he's got the right initials anyway.

Trudeau, now he was a P.M. He made drastic changes to many different aspects of Canadian culture, brought Canada totally out of England's politics and enforced military action against a group of angry Frenchmen - what's not to like? Since then it's been a long succession of not so qualified people. From the lengthy reign of Kim Campbell to the drastic reforms of Joe Clark, all leading up to our recently resigned N.C.P whose not nearly worth his own two dollar suit. His calm self control allowed him to pepper spray a group of angry voters, and also the man who's campaign slogans were "Kill the GST!" by which he meant hide it away in hopes that we would all forget about it. There's, of course, his ever-popular promise of cheap cigarettes, which caused almost all of Canada to vote him in only to be disappointed...