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Individual prayer five times daily, plus group prayers at noon on Friday in mosque a Muslim house of prayers ; the sun up to sun down faster one month per year; the donation of generous aims to the poor; pilgrimage to mecca at least once in a person's lifetime; visigoths in spain- germanic people who served as allied troops for the romans; lowbaro's in italy-conqueed most of the italian peninsula after the gothic wars;anglo saxons- member of the germanic peoples conquering england in the 5th century a.d. and forming the ruling class until the norman conquestl; charlemange- the founder of empire built bye charle martel (france, germany and part of italy. ) also known as charles the great. He was described as an old fashioned war chief. Was a sucessful conquer who reunited much of the old roman empire.vikings- "northmen" mainly danes and norwegians seeking booty , glory, and political opportunity; european trade during the middle ages- weak rulers cant: control nobles or local warfare, cant stop new invasions in w.

europe. Trechy of verdun- louis germany- charles france- lother italy. Guilds (in medevil europe) were associates of people with common interests engaged in same work - (charitable, religious, social). Merchant guilds- regulated trade with town taxed non-member merchants to keep compition down.;pope innocent the third described as being the most powerful medevil pope. Started two orders (great adminstrator) expert jurist-legal expert- came up with title pope as vicar of christ.. william the conqueror ( served the years 1089-1100 duke willima of normandy-was given this nicknamed for when he raised an army and won the backing of the pope. He then sailed across english channal at the battle of hastings, he and his norman. Knights triumphed over harold. King john of england-magna carta was described as being a clever, greedy...