The Five Types of Personalities

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Personality typing is a tool with many uses. It's especially notable for it's helpfulness in the areas of growth and self-development. Learning and applying the theories of personality type can be a powerful and rewarding experience, if it is used as a tool for discovery, rather than as a method for putting people into boxes, or as an excuse for their behaviors. There are mainly five types of personalities that people will fall into. These types are open they are to experiences, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. These descriptive words explaining the different types of personalities are referred to as OCEAN. Basically, these five areas will remain stable across our lives and we never really wander far from the basic personality types. There are some basic questions that can be used in order to arrive at some general types of personalities. The questions are put into a type of test.

A person then goes through the "test" answering a series of general questions to arrive at a basic personality type for that particular person. The questions are given and based on the scores from the asked questions, the test will assign a score. This score gives a basic description of a particular personality type. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, only individual angles based mainly on a particular's individual's feelings about a particular question.

The theory of personality types, as it stands today, contends that: An individual is either primarily extraverted or introverted. An individual is either primarily sensing or intuitive. An individual is either primarily thinking or feeling or an individual is either primarily judging or perceiving. The possible combinations of the basic preferences form different personality types. This does not mean that all (or even most) individuals will fall strictly into one...