Five Year Career Development Plan

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Five-Year Career Development Plan

Traditionally, the view of a career consists of a series of positions within an organization. Today, the concept of a career is very different; it is referred to as a protean career. A protean career is one that frequently changes based on changes in a person's interests, abilities, and values and in the work environment. In today's work environment, employees that are marketable and viewed as a valuable asset to an employer are those whom are willing and able to develop new skills. "The traditional career requires "knowing how," or having the appropriate skills and knowledge to provide a particular service or product. Such knowledge and skills remain important, but a protean career also requires that employees "know why" and "know whom." Knowing why means understanding the employer's business and culture in order to apply knowledge and skills in a way that contributes to the business.

Knowing whom means developing relationships that contribute to the employer's customer or industry experts". Many employers' provide professional development for their employees. However, it is important that employees take control of their own career development. This is important to ensure that employee's select development activities that prepare them to meet their chosen career goals. Realizing this, following is a personal five-year career development plan. The plan includes current competencies, and competencies that I need to develop to achieve career goals, and meet the goals of my current employer.

Five-Year Career Development Plan

In developing a career plan, it is very important to administer a self-assessment. This is helpful to determine career interest, values, aptitudes, and behavioral tendencies. In the assessment process, thought must be given to where I am in my career today, and where I want to be in a year, three years, and ultimately, five years. To begin...