"Fixing Elections" Essay

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History 15B

April 13, 2004


Fixing Elections Essay

In Steven Hill's book Fixing Elections; the word "fixing" has a double meaning to it. The first way it refers to is the correcting problem, like it is broken and needs to be fixed. The second way it refers to is a corrupt securing of the process of favoring one side over the other. These two ways show that our country has problems with the voting, and the process that it is done in.

The voting standard of the "winner take all" system is the basic problem discussed in Hill's book. This winner take all system means that you are not guaranteed to be represented in the office, no matter where you stand politically. There is a high risk of being unrepresented. Representations, national elections, and the process of congress are being openly shown across America. The population of a state determines how well they will be represented in the office.

People in larger cities have less on their vote, due to the large population.

This system has a winner and a loser, always. You either get what you wanted, or you get nothing at all. The losing side is mostly forgotten about and is basically not represented at all in the office. Minorities are also the burden of money. Often the minority population are forgotten about by the politicians and left behind for states with a large electoral college.

It is proposed in this book that the idea of this voting system will not be changed any time soon. As long as the economy is going along well, everything will stay the same. People in the U.S. do not realize how important their vote and voice is in this form of government. Americans need to be encouraged...