Flag Burning

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Flag Burning

Yesterday in history I sat through a movie dealing with anti-American hippies or so-called "revolutionaries" desecrating the flag that my family and my countrymen have fought for.

While viewing the destruction of one of the most sacred symbols of freedom, I felt physically sick. We as Americans have struggled for our entire existence as a country to preserve our freedoms and rights, people have died to protect the rights we enjoy everyday. Now these slack-jawed tools of anarchy are burning the symbol that our G.I.'s gave their lives for, did these men give their lives for nothing, I wonder how their mothers feel when they see that the flag their sons died fighting for are being burned. I wonder how physically crippled or mentally distraught veterans feel when they see that these people, if they can even be called that, are destroying everything they gave for.

Burning these flags is not even a good means of protest, one man in the video said "its no more than a child pounding on his bed because his mother refused to let him stay up past 10:30" I couldn't agree more. These are just spoiled heirs to big money corporations who are bored with their own lives, so they decide to make everyone else upset with their completely random acts of terrorism. One of their meaningless chants was "Red, White, and Blue, we spit on you, you stand for plunder you will go under." For starters...how long did it take them to think up that chant, 4-5 minutes? Secondly, since when does the land of the free and the home of the brave stand for plunder? Who is America plundering exactly?

What does burning a flag solve? It doesn't amend laws, or change policies, all it does is destroy...