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Running Head : Hurdles faced in Afghanistan through the eyes of a Special Forces Soldier

1. The main Purpose of this article is for the author to share his knowledge and what he experienced in Afghanistan.

2 The key question the author is addressing is will Afghanistan survive and become a thriving society.

3 The most important information in this article is the mistrust between the general populace and the government. The governmental corruption must be minimized, eliminated if possible to help maximize economic and financial growth.

4. The main inferences in this article are "The government is young and still trying to figure out their way of governing their country" (bottom pg 3). "Many of the outlying villages feel little to no influence of the government that resides in Kabul." (Middle pg4). "The Military also has many issues that work in favor of the insurgency." (top pg5). The Potential for economic growth exists within Afghanistan." (middle pg 6). It takes years, decades, it can even take centuries to develop a working government. Constantly changing, improving and adapting to society as it changes with education and growth. The government has to take care of the population. The population has to take an active role in its government. Military leaders must put the interest of their country above their own personal interests and goals.

5. The key concept we need to understand in this article is the isolation of the Afghan people from their government. The most important ideas to know to understand this is the remote settings of the afghan geography and the corruption in the government. Due to the large amount of the population of afghanistan spread out in remote villages, the expense to build and show a government presence in these remote areas and the corruption...