Flappers in the 1920's

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The 1920's was an era in which the Americans showed their independence through actions. In the roaring 20’s through the adversity many women wanted to be different. These women set aside their set way of what was considered “acceptable” and cried out in a different way, a way that was never seen before. During the war, both the boys and the girls of this generation had broken out of society's structure; they found it very difficult to return. Formally young women would wait until a suitable young man came with the intentions of marriage; but due to the war a whole generation was wiped out leaving a generation of women without possible husbands. So many women decided to not to idly wait around but to go out and enjoy life. These women were considered flappers.

Samuel Crowther believed that through flappers, women showed they were also able to be independent.

Due to the times many men thought as women as inferior but with prosperity women became increasingly independent, setting themselves apart from other generations. Women’s will to be prosperous lead them to become independent. Many women were often doing better work than the men in jobs. The generation of young flappers made much headway for the up and coming generations. Challenging all modern perceptions of what it was considered proper, flappers no longer needed or relied on men to support them, many were more able and more mature than men their age. Flappers inspired a nation of women to set themselves apart and be different, to prove themselves. The attitude of a flapper could be characterized as self-sufficient allowing girls to learn how to support themselves and inspire not only females but males to be different than their generation before them.

Women have always been a part of...