The Flash Of Technological Generation.

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We have entered the new technological century, which is marked by creating a great number of devices. The aim of which is to make our life and work similar and more productive. I would like to talk about computers and cell-phones that have become so widely used for the last decade. Let's compare their advantages and disadvantages.

The computer is the most important invention of the 20th century. It plays an important part in various professional fields. It extends a strong authority over economics and politics, because it is the only source of saving and obtaining information. Corporations, federal and state organizations can operate with credit cards, social security, and other records even conceiving ones due to these powerful information-keeping devices. But life stops if something is wrong with the computer system, and this is a great disadvantage of the computer on a professional level.

At the same time computer is a powerful assistant in every day life.

Today most people in the industrialized countries have them at home. It is not only a source of information, but also a way of doing shopping, watching news from all over the world, reading unique books, visiting museums and exhibitions, communicating with each other. If it goes out of order at home it is not so fatal, but we usually get upset because we stay for some time without our intellectual "friend".

Let's talk about cell-phones. This small item is very popular in our day. It is really very convenient: people can make a call whenever and wherever they need. They are widely used by businessmen, different professionals, policemen, doctors, etc when they need fast communication for solving urgent problems. It helps to save time, money, and even human lives.

It is very popular in every day life too. Imagine how parents worry about their kids, if they do not hear about them at proper time. But if a kid has a cell-phone, Mom or Dad can easily find out what is going on, no matter low fair they work or stay at that moment. I can give numerous examples regarding conveniences the cell-phone creates in every day life. This source of communication is consequently cheap and therefore affordable for most people. But some scientists insist that it can cause cancer, and if so, it is a great disadvantage.

Finally, I can say that both the computer and the cell-phone are very helpful. Both have similarity: they can achieve some operations that make our life easier. We do not need to remember a lot of information: the computer and the cell-phone will do it for us. The cell-phone does not have so wide range of users as the computer has, though is also connects people all over the world. They both are good tools to obtain information. I can hardly imagine my life without the computer as well as without that small plastic box with buttons that is called the cell-phone, though I strongly believe that the computer is more important, because I fell it as a good source for self-education.