How a Flashlight Works. a verbal desription of the anatomy of a flashlight.

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How a flashlight works

have you ever wondered what makes a flashlight work?

a flashlight consists of a lightbulb, a metal strip, a switch, a metal conductor, and one or more batteries. All of these parts come together to make a circuit, which is a continuous path of electricity. In most simple flashlights, two batteries are stacked one on top of the other, and are enclosed in a plastic cylinder. Electricity which is stored in the battery(s), flows like a stream through the parts of the flashlight in a circular motion or circuit. This process repeates itself so rapidly, that a small glow is created by heating of a small metalic coil within the vacumed bulb. that glow is magnifed by a mirror which is in the shape of an inverted cone. the base of the flashlight is screwed onto a metal conductorwich is in contact with the circuit, at the positive end of the battery.

The switch on a flashlight acts like a drawbridge over a break in the curcuit. When you slide the switch to the "on" position a piece of metal wich is on the bottom of the switch completes the cicuit, and allows the circular flow of electricity. that is how a flashlight works.