Flawed Evidence for Evolution

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In schools across the country, countless students are taught that textbooks equal truth. Whatever is in the schoolbooks is the academic law. It is commonly accepted that what the writers present as fact is fact. But blindly following the standards can be very misleading. In the argument of evolution, several of the key supporting experiments are flawed. One of these is Stanley Miller's "primordial soup" experiment.

Dr. Stanley Miller changed the world of evolutionary science in 1953. He attempted to create life by recreating the primitive atmosphere of the earth. Stanley Miller combined sterilized water, hydrogen, ammonia, and methane in an oxygen-free flask. He then shot electric current through this created "atmosphere" to simulate lightning, and he was successful in creating simple amino acids (World 1183). Since amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins are the building blocks of life, it was assumed that soon scientists could produce a living organism.

However, there are two major holes in this theory.

The first problem with the "primordial soup" experiment is the amino acids themselves. Not only are they simple amino acids, when they're together they are self-destructive. Robert Hazen states in Scientific American: Scientists refer to the two versions [of amino acids] as "left-handed" (or "L") and "right-handed" (or "D"). Organic synthesis experiments like Miller's invariably produce 50-50 mixtures of L and D molecules, but the excess of left-handed amino acids in living organisms is nearly 100 percent. (82) In other words, no known life form can use both L and D amino acids, but they are both created. Additionally, just one single right-handed amino acid in a chain of left-handed amino acids would destroy the entire chain; therefore destroying any life. (Taylor 22) The second major flaw of Miller's famous experiment is the atmosphere created. Miller combined...