Flaws of the Constitution

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Flaws of the Constitution

200 years ago, when the Convention of Philadelphia met, its purpose was to revise the Articles of Confederation. Nobody knew that when they met on May 25, they would finish on September 17 with a new government for the United States, known as the Constitution. To this day, the same Constitution is still used as our framework for governing. One reason that a document could last so long is because of its vagueness. It allows amendments to be added on as they are needed. Vagueness though, is also the main reason it has flaws. Overlapping of the powers result because of the vagueness.

One of the most obvious imbalances of power occur between the first and second article. The Constitution grants the Congress the power to declare war (A1 S8 C11). Looking further into the second article, it also grants the president the power to be the Commander in Chief (A2 S2 C1).

The problem happens when the two disagree on a war issue. The Congress might feel that war is the best option while the president doesn't. War could be declared, but the Commander in Chief isn't commanding. It's like a child asking his parents about something and they disagree, the child is caught in the middle.

Another good example of the overlapping of powers can be found between the second and third articles. It states in the second article that the President 'shall have the power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States (A2 S2 C1).' The whole third article goes into detail of how the Judiciary system works. It explains how everyone, except in impeachment cases, goes through a trial by jury. The President can skip that whole step and simply pardon somebody.

One confusing imbalance of...