Fleeing my Dentist

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Fleeing My Dentist

Last week I realized that I had a cavity in my "Wisdom" tooth, but it didn't hurt so I ignored it for a few days; consequently, the hole in my tooth grew larger and so did my fear of visiting my dentist Dr. Bernstein. I felt like an absolute child having been reminded by Dr. Bernstein several times "You missed your last checkup;" nevertheless, I had no reply as the fate of my mouth rest in his shaking hands at that particular moment. When he was finally done with his lecture, and the relentless prodding of my mouth with various instruments I thought to myself "Why doesn't anyone I know come here?" Profoundly it was this question that I imposed upon myself which pointed me in the direction to seeking a new dentist. I am going to search for a dentist who cares about me, and my feelings instead of someone who is only concerned about speed and the almighty dollar.

I am absolutely fed-up and tired with the ridiculous long waiting time, sheer physical pain, and prolonged mental abuse by Dr. Bernstein and his staff.

I have outgrown my patience for sitting in Dr. Bernstein's lobby for forty-five minutes to an hour when there is absolutely no one else there. What can they possibly be doing all time without any patients? I have never been able to figure out why the waiting time is so slow; nevertheless, I'm already nervous because I'm aware of the impending pain which awaits me. The secretary who works in Dr. Bernstein's office is always so polite, yet it's almost as if she takes pleasure in watching me wait in doomed anticipation.

Every-time I finally get past the yearlong wait in the lobby I have to muster my...