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What is work intensification and under what conditions might the above job redesign strategies result in work intensification?

Work intensification has been stimulated by the use of high-commitment human resource policies with the aim to drive success in an organization. Reductions in union power, and an increase in the use of temporary agency workers and contractors, are also positively associated with work intensification, which appear to be the major focus of numerous employers. The root of work intensification causes various aspects surfacing in the process are described in the payroll reduction, increased time constraints, absence of standards and definitions of the workload that induces wage earners to take up the company's uncertainties and malfunctioning.

The case study however revolves around further analyzed phases of work problems occurring whereby two companies Steel Form and Metal Fab are facing a job redesign strategy owing to its on going problems in the work area.

It is acknowledged that work intensification arouse due to several stirring factors such as poor skills and lack of commitment of production workers, high turnovers, inflexible work force and absenteeism. These are the key issues that are generally focused in this case study.

Poor skills and lack of commitment of production workers arise whilst workers do not take errands for their work quality. It is essential to the company if the company intends to succeed in the competitive market, product quality and high-quality performance from employees are significant contributions and thus prearranged into the workforce by employers to ensure high-quality performance base jobs from their employees to attain effective and efficient output.

High turnovers in the case study revolves around the prospect of unsatisfied people feel overworked, under constant pressure, and inadequately rewarded for their increased efforts. This therefore result in them leaving their work places and search for...