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Flight My report is on the technology of flight. Flight is a really important part in life.

Without it we wouldn't be able to travel far places in such short times. One airplane is the airbus. A300-600: Advanced version of A300B4-200; major A300 version since early 1984. Passenger and freight capacity increased by fitting rear fuselage of A310 with pressure bulkhead moved aft; wings have simple Fowler flaps and increased trailing-edge camber; forward-facing two-person flight deck with EFIS; new digital avionics; new braking control system; new APU; simplified systems; weight saving by use of composites for some secondary structural components; payload/range performance and fuel economy improved by comprehensive drag clean up. Cargo conversions of A300- 600 and earlier A300B4 are offered, see Jane's Aircraft Upgrades for details. Introduced 1985. Has CF6-80C2 or PW4000 as engine options, carbon brakes, wingtip fences and 'New World' flight deck; basic equipment of aircraft delivered from late 1991 further improved by incorporating standard options.

There is also a plane that is called the Concorde. It is truly faster than a speeding bullet; the Concorde is both extremely elegant and incredibly expensive. It has an equally interesting history involving environmentalists, an economic crisis, and espionage. Another plane is the Boeing 707.

The Boeing 707 is not strictly speaking a plane of the Super70s. However, it was widely in use then and Nixon flew to China on one. The 707 is perhaps the most important plane in civilian aerospace history. It was the first successful jet and put the Americans in a leadership role that is only now being challenged by the European consortium known as Airbus. The "jet age," when airplanes first started using turbine- jet rather than propeller-based engines, can be dated to the efforts of the Germans in World War II. But it was...