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A Flight Engineer Instructor (FI) is defined as a person who trains and evaluates nonrated crewmembers in aircraft tasks per the Aircrew Training Manual and the unit Mission Essential Task List. This is the main part of my job; the position is located at the Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF), Training Operations Branch at Ft. Indiantown Gap. The purpose of the position is to instruct and perform flight crew work supporting heavy multi-engine aircraft, and to provide assistance to the pilots in the overall operation of the aircraft. My aircraft is the CH-47D Chinook medium-lift transport helicopter. The aircraft's missions include combat service support airlift for movement of heavy supplies, vehicles, aircraft and equipment. We also provide troop air assaults such as: extractions and resupply of troops, and aeromedical evacuations such as: search and rescue, ice break, mine sweep, and air support of national disasters and state contingencies. Being a flight engineer instructor is one of the many tasks I have to do for my job, other parts of the job is to be a salesperson for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, a mechanic on the aircraft, and a teacher.

The main part of the job is to serve as an instructor/flight examiner providing instruction, evaluation and examination on ground and operational training flights to develop and upgrade skills of aircrew members. What this is saying is I will assess new crewmembers and provide recommendations for training. I will then either perform qualification training, refresher training and/or continuation training for enlisted crewmembers. Once that part is done I will schedule the required training needed to complete their full progression to a qualified crewmember. Some of things needed to complete an individual's progression will be to teach both formal and informal classes including; aircraft systems, aircrew coordination, night vision devices, external...