Flirting Signals

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In the article titled Flirting fascination, by Joann Ellison Rodgers, she explains how flirting is a human's way to choose a mate that is healthy enough to produce healthy children. Flirting is also a way of finding out other personal qualities such as humor and creativity. After an initial attraction, a couple will uses flirting signals as a way to test the others "general heath and reproductive fitness (Rodgers, 1999, p.37)." These flirting strategies have been put into our head over generations of trial and error. Joann suggests that an hourglass figure is a sure sign to a man that a woman is fertile, just as a symmetrical man will tell a woman that he is genetically healthy (Rodgers, 1999).

In addition, she also states that a woman will prefer a symmetrical man while she is menstruating and could care less whether they are symmetrical or not when she is not menstruating.

This is probably because she wants a health strong male that will hopefully produce healthy strong children. Rodger is also saying that men who are symmetrical have more sex than asymmetrical men, and can get the woman in bed faster (Rodgers, 1999). Most of Rodgers conclusions tie into her main idea, which is that flirting is a process that involves various gestures to "advertise" ourselves to the opposite sex, and to show our "sexual availability and interest (Rodgers, 1999, p.38)." On the other hand, Deborah Lott, in her essay entitled The new flirting game, suggests that in our current society we flirt because we are biologically driven and more often as a way to choose some one who we could spend the rest of our life with. She also states that we do not always choose some one who has the best genetic makeup or greatest health, yet...