Flooding in San Antonio

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Davina Fatunbi

Professor Wright

WRC 1023

21 February 2013

Flooding in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio has had major issues occur in the past few years. One major problem that has affected the city is a history of severe flooding. Years ago in 1921, a severe flashflood consumed the city of San Antonio. Many neighborhoods and buildings were overtaken by large amounts of water. In addition, a famous tourist attraction, the River Walk, was also severely affected. The result of the San Antonio River overflowing caused about 51 deaths and millions of dollars in damage. The city of Taylor, about 30 miles away from the river, was completely swallowed by the water for a little more than a week. In contrast, the construction of two tunnels, one under the river and one at San Pedro Creek, resolved the issue of flooding at the San Antonio River.

Today, many cities and neighborhoods are still greatly affected by flooding after a rainy day. One subdivision that is still affected is Alta Vista. The residents of Alta Vista have been ignored for a while, so I feel that it is my duty to help them voice their concerns and opinions to finally get help. In order for this issue to be addressed or fixed, we have to first contact the committee of Public Work or the SARA (San Antonio River Authority), and listen to their position on the issue of flooding in Alta Vista. I am looking forward to proposing the ideas of adding more drainage systems, constructing a flood control project, and convincing the Public Works committee to put money towards this construction project.

The flooding in Alta Vista has gotten so severe that many houses began to fill up with mud and water every...