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Can you ever think of anything you did that backfired? What if you had something done to you that didn't work? I think that it is wrong to get what Charlie had done because it could backfire. If it backfired then Charlie could become even more mentally challenged than he already was to start with or he even could die.

Did you ever think of what if God made you a different way? Well, God makes everyone different and special in his eyes. If God wanted you to be athletic he would have made you athletic. God wanted Charlie to be mentally challenged so he made him that way, and if he wanted him to be smart than he would have made him smart. The operation isn't a good idea because they are just playing God.

What if no one ever accepted you for who you are? I think it's wrong that Charlie had the operation because everyone should accept you for who you are.

They should try to get to know him before they judge him. Charlie's co- workers should have accepted him for who he was and not just makes fun of him because he wasn't the same as they were.

In conclusion I think that it was wrong because they were just trying to play the position of God. They shouldn't try to change people that drastically. And you should try to stay the same way God made you.