FLowers for algernon, minor character analysis

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Three important supporting characters in Flowers for Algernon are:

ƒÞProfessor Nemur. He is the arrogant mastermind of the experiment on Charlie. He believes that he created Charlie and that he should be grateful. He also often refers to Charlie as not human before the operation. He affects the plot by creating the experiment that leads to the change in Charlie's intelligence and then later in his loss of intelligence and death.

ƒÞDr. Strauss. He is Professor Nemur's partner in the experiment on Charlie. He performs the operation on Charlie and conducts Charlie's therapy sessions after the operation. He affects the plot by making Charlie smarter for awhile after the operation but he worries that Charlie's intellectual growth is greater than his emotional growth. He also worries about the long-term results from Professor Nemur's work.

ƒÞAlice Kinnian. She is the beautiful reading teacher at the Beekman College Center for Retarded Adults when Charlie is a student.

She affects the plot by recommending him for experimental brain surgery and she is also the woman with whom Charlie falls in love after his operation. In part of the story, she helps him appreciate what love is, but, at the end, Charlie sends her away.