Flowers In The Attic

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Book: Flowers in the Attic All the flowers are trying to survive. The story takes place in a perfect house with characters that have the perfect life (Christopher, Cathy, Cory, Carrie, Momma, and Daddy Dollanganger). But soon there is a tragedy in the family by the loss of the father. The mom is devastating because her husband has know died and she is left with the twins and two older children and she is running right down because of debt. She hasn't worked, she has no skills and she is ready to go to the last resort because know the financial agents are taking over the house. She and her family have no where to go, except... Her father (He is a millionaire) which is the kids grandfather that they have never meet. She ran away from her home at the age of eighteen. Know she has to find a way to win her fathers love back so he can put her back into his will.

He is expected to die soon and she wants to inherit his money because the rest of the children in the family have already died. Mean while they move in and the grandmother and father hate the children and say "They should have never been born" The grand father and mother manipulate their daughter in thinking the kids aren't worth anything and they are useless.

So the kids are now living up in the attic trying to survive as the grandmother slowly poisons them by putting it in their food. They are locked in the dark airless attic where days have been stretched to weeks then months then years. Will they ever make it out?