Flowers In The Attic By V.C. Andrews

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Flowers in the Attic is a very interesting book written by V.C. Andrews. It is suspenseful and intriguing. Flowers in the Attic is the second book in the Dollenganger series. It is the continuation to Gardens of Shadows. There is also a movie. But the book is much, much better than the movie. It is better in that the book seems to give more details than in the movie. An example is that in the book the oldest brother and sister slept together. In the movie this did not happen. The book is more interesting than the movie. Once you start reading this book, you just have to keep reading it until you finish the entire book. It is a mysterious book.

This is my favorite book because I like reading V.C. Andrews books. I've read many of her books and they are all very good. I enjoy reading them.

I have read all of the books of the Dollanganger series and I think that the best on is this one.

This book reflects my personality in some way. The character that best reflects mine is that of the main character, which is Catherine or Cathy. She is the type of person who doesn't forgive and forget so easily. I consider myself like that. If my mother were to do what Cathy's mother did to her, which was lock her up, I wouldn't forgive her. I wouldn't talk to her or even bother to look at her. You can also say that Cathy is kind but only to those who are kind to her. I am also like that too.

If someone asked me to recommend them a book, I would definitely tell them to read Flowers in the Attic. This book really makes you think about your life. I think that after reading this book, it makes you realize how much you should appreciate your life and not complain about it. We should thank God for our wonderful life compared to the one the one that Cathy, her sister and her brother had.