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There once lived a boy named Undani, he was a very disruptive boy in school, always bursting out in laughter in the middle of the class for no apparent reason, you would think that a boy like this wouldn't being doing well in school but surprisingly enough he was a genius, a typical A student. It was nearing the end of the autumn, which meant that all the leaves were falling off the trees, the temperature was dropping and it was time for the most dreaded thing in the world, science fair, the project which counted towards almost 60% of your overall grade. Science fair was a huge project four months to prepare a project, science based of course, set up a stand where your project can go and compete for first prize. Everybody dreaded science fair come the day they would have to present their project, everybody except for Undani, he was preparing for this project since the school year started, his project was to try and create a gelatinous (gooey) substance with a mind of its own, able to stretch, bounce, do whatever it wants without breaking.

He had already set up his plans and machine to help him conjure up this rubber like being. He began his experiment one stormy Friday night, he poured some ingredients into a huge airtight metal drum that had all sorts of wires going into it, some connected to huge metal tanks others to a computer, some ingredients were sugar, water, jelly powder, chemical waste etc. He sealed the airtight drum then went to his computer were he had a program that he created specifically for his experiment. He selected the start button on the computer, suddenly you could hear the hissing of the tank hooked up to the metal drum, there...