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Fly Away Peter

The language in chapter two of David Malouf's Fly Away Peter conveys a very strong sense of landscape as it uses many language devices to do so.

'The land was a flat circle all round, grass-tips, trees stumps, bush...' (Page sixteen, paragraph two) and 'the landscape, the whole great circle of it, grass-heads, scrubs, water, sky...' (Page seventeen paragraph three) show the use of listing physical features of the environment to convey a sense of scenery.

This novel also uses the technique of nature imagery and describing words to express its high level of surroundings. For example 'its mixture of powdery blues and greens, its ragged edges, and its sprawl...' (Page eleven paragraph two) which reflects a sense of colour and warmth to the atmosphere.

The use abstract description; using words which suggest a impression of feeling, which is almost poetic, is also used to illustrate the land.

This is seen on page ten paragraph one, 'the great all-embracing sound that rose from the dazzling earth, a layered music, dense but deeply flowing...'

The relationship that has formed between Ashley and Jim imitates the language used to describe nature, it's almost poetic. Their relationship revolves around their basic mutual respect for one another. Although they each come from opposite ends of the social spectrum, they understand each other; an example of this is seen on page fifteen to sixteen as they are bonding for the first time in the novel.

The differences between these two Characters, other than their social status, are mostly physical and fashionable. Ashley is described as being 'much taller' than Jim and a more formal dresser.

The similarities between these two characters are great as the share the same passion of nature. As Jim was raised with a negative and abusive relationship...