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Introduction and Background 1st paper out of 5 Kenneth Daily is the site manager for FMC Corporation’s Green River facility. He sent a team of employees to visit the FMC Aberdeen plant to study the different management techniques used by the plant manager there. After listening to the team he wondered if the techniques used at Aberdeen could be put into practice at Green River. He wondered how much he could implement in his plant and how to make the change if any could be made. Before making any changes Daily will have to take into consideration the differences that exist between the facilities.

Organizational structure in FMC’s Green River and Aberdeen facilities: Green river is a large underground mine and has two plants in operation. It was started in 1948. The plant produces chemicals and has over one hundred customers and dispenses there products all over the world.

The plant produces a variety of products. Green River employs “1,150” people and is unionized. Green River is located in Wyoming.

Aberdeen is a small plant that produces only one product. It started production of “missile canisters” in 2000. Aberdeen only has one customer. Aberdeen has only 100 employees and no union. Aberdeen is located in South Dakota.

Both facilities are owned by FMC and management is allowed the freedom to run their facilities the way they want. They both had FMC’s corporate “image and values” thus making them the same in some ways (Clawson, J, 1995, p. 1-2).

Before Daily can make any changes he will have to analyze his situation and see what areas he can change or improve.

Analysis: First the Green River plant is unionized. He has the option of trying to get rid of the union but I doubt that will happen because in...