FMC Green Rivers

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2. Table of Contents:1. Title page12. Table of Contents:23. Background Page:34. Situational Analysis Page 45. Alternatives and Recommendations:156. Implementation:177. References:21In this individual project, I will final the organizational analysis for Mr. Kenneth Dailey with FMC Green River. The analysis will include all fifteen topic the management of Ability, Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Ethics, Job Design and Goal settings, Performance Appraisal, Pay, Career Development, Work Groups/Teams, Leadership, Communication, Organizational Structure, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, and Organizational Development.

3. Background:Background:FMC has been in business for more then fifty years. The first company was built in 1948 and produced 1.3 million ton of soda in one year. The success was so much that another plant is under was in 1953, which was completed in 1970. FMC Aberdeen is located in South Dakota, which only has one hundred employees and produces only one product. It is missile canister for the U.S

navy. Aberdeen has a great structure for ability to create work with small groups; it is self managed work team and allows the groups to focus on one thing. Aberdeen's group get all the work done, choose their own leader, work together on many ideas, it help other groups to finish the work. Aberdeen Company is small so it a family atmosphere, and the band between employees are very strong. Everybody helps each other in work and outside the work.

Kenneth Dailey manages FMC Green River. It produces many different chemicals, they have over one hundred vendor throughout the world. The companies have over 1200 employees, which creates many different chemicals and products several things, which works very close with United States steel workers of America. There are many ideas that could work for Green River plant but would have little hard. If Green River follows the small group to...