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The companies have been successful companies for the last fifty-six years. FMC is the first organization in 1948 to produce the soda. FMC Aberdeen, which has only been in business less then 10 years. FMC Green River has a manager Mr. Dailey, which produces various chemicals. “FMC Aberdeen has only a single customer, which FMC Green River had over 100 distributed its products worldwide.” (Clawson, 2005, PG 1).

There are four main parts that I will talk about in this paper. First is the management of ability, second is organizational commitment, third is job satisfactory, and last is organizational ethics. It’s about goals, how the strategies of goals take place, the management vision of the organization and the success of both companies.

The management of ability in an organization is important because of the performance of a job. The organization needs to be success to ensure that the employees are happy and have the ability to do the job right.

There are three kinds of fundamental ways a person can do the job right, selection, placement, and training. This is according to our book George & Jones, 2005, PG 59. The first is selection in which the manger can control the employees and the hiring process. The second is placement would then take place to match the employees to a job on the ability of the employee. The third step is training, so the employee would get more knowledge and would enhance the ability in their work.

In the company of Aberdeen the employees is a process that is very rigorous. The main reason for all this is because of the hiring process that the technical skills are more skilled that the employees should work closely with other co-workers. The philosophies are that all employees should keep in mind, the...