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Absolute Software wants to be sure that Personal computers and laptops don't go missing. The company provides computer theft recovery and secure asset tracking software especially with their licensing agreement with LoJack. Recently Absolute Software also offers a version of software for individuals' laptops and personal computers trying to gain access into the student market and personal laptop area. Students were hand selected by members of the class and volunteered to participate for their input on laptop security, they were chosen based on the fact they presently resided in one of the campus dorms and if they presently owned a computer or not. The objective was to discover how concerned students were about the safety of their laptops and how vital the information on their laptops was. The Absolute Focus group was held at C.W. Post, on November 7, 2005 on the second floor of the Humanities Building.

Kimberly was the moderator, and Ben Metlis was the co-moderator with Angela as the recorder of the group. The group consisted of only three members who showed up, the first was a 20-year-old male (junior) who was a Business Management major who presently lives on campus in the building Riggs Halls. The second was a 22-year-old psychology major (senior) who presently lives in the building Riggs Hall. The thirst was a 24-year-old English major (senior) who lives in the Suffolk Hall.

Highlights, Finding, Conclusions and Recommendations:

1. Dorm room theft was not a large issue for 3 out of the 3 focus group members.

It was found that most of the participants were not too concerned about the safety of their dorms. There are keypads for entrance into all of the rooms and and the Psychology and English major said that they are not concerned with theft into the rooms...