Folktype essay: Create a story that depicts a 'folktype' of your community. Exaggerate and use dialogue.

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Life of a Facebook AddictFelicia Baxton Asheln is the typical Lexingtonian schoolgirl who attends class on time, receives good marks, and always seems to know the news. However, when Felicia is not busy with her school activities, she retreats to her virtual residence – inside the intricate domain of Facebook. Located as her very first link on the bookmarks bar, the Facebook icon possesses this strange ability to capture Felicia’s eyes every time she opens Firefox. Although she usually never intends to do so, Felicia always just so happens to on that Facebook link the second her browser pops up. Eager to escape reality, Felicia impatiently waits for the 0.21 seconds that the Login page needs to finish loading. At a blinding 1000 words-per-minute, Felicia enters in her lengthy username and password. Right when she clicks on the Login button, Felicia hears her mother coming up the stairs.

In an instant, Felicia tabs out of Firefox and back to Microsoft Word as her mother walks in the door.

“Felicia, someone’s on the phone for you. I think it’s Janie.”“Uh… tell her I’ll call right back.”“Why are you busy right now?”“Yes, mother, actually I am. I have this humungous English essay which I’m typing that is due tomorrow, and I can’t have any silly distractions, like Janie calling, or you coming up to tell me Janie’s calling, or even the phone ringing!”“Okay, honey. I’ll call you down when dinner’s ready.”As Felicia’s mother left the room, Felicia let out an exasperated sigh and tabbed back into Facebook. As her gaze analyzes her home page, the first thing she notices is a little red bubble with the number 2 at the bottom of the page. A notification! Two notifications! Felicia is filled with a short-lived excitement as she points her mouse over the red icon and clicks on it. A mini-window pop up titled “notifications” appears and says that Janie and Tea Cake wrote on her wall. Felicia clicks on the Profile tab and she sees the two wallposts that Janie and Tea Cake left.

Janie Starks heyyy girrrrrl I miss you so so much! we gotta do something this tomorowwwwwwww. call meeee! <3 <3 <3Thu 3 minutes ago • See Wall-to-WallVergible ‘Tea Cake’ Woods hey what was the spanish homework??Thu 2:20pm • See Wall-to-WallA request for homework and plans for after school tomorrow. Typical. However, upon reading Tea Cake’s post, Felicia remembers that she still had to finish her English essay. It was already 7:20 and she still hasn’t even got past her thesis sentence yet. As Felicia’s mother yells that dinner is ready, Felicia curses and knows that she has a long night ahead of her.

After a quick dinner and a quick chat with Janie, Felicia is back on the computer and racking at her brain trying to come up with a topic sentence. It is now 8:12 and Felicia needs to look up what anti-disestablishmentarianism means. She opens up Firefox and cannot help but look at the Facebook icon which is calling her name. Felicia simply could not fight the urge and impulsively clicks on the link. She punches in her username and password and clicks on Login again for the second time that night. No new notifications this time, so Felicia scrolls up and down her news feed checking out what kind of stories are around. After Facebook stalking several of her friends, she eventually ends up on Janie’s profile and rummages around her page. Felicia notices that Janie just put up her pictures from the Caribbean during spring break. At the same moment, Felicia realized that the time was 10:34 and still needs to finish up her essay... But Felicia can finish her essay later. Besides, what’s the harm in browsing just a few pictures? After going through three full albums of Janie’s Caribbean adventure, Janie finally closes her browser and works on her essay again at 11:59. As Felicia finishes her fifth sentence, she remembers that she forgot to send an important e-mail to student council about the next meeting. Felicia opens up Firefox again and the Facebook icon once again cries out her name, desperately seeking her attention…