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News Coverage of Steve Irwin’s death was first reported in Victoria on the 5th September 2006. Making full front page spreads in most major newspapers in Australia, U.S and Britain.

On the 6th September again it made front page news in most major newspapers in Australia and the U.S. Also news programs such as A Current Affair were running tribute programs. While overshadowing the news of the shock news of the death sentences being imposed on the Bali Nine drug Smugglers.

On the 7th September (the third day after his death), there was only an article on page four of the age and an opinion piece in the herald sun. The Bali drug smugglers now took centre stage (so to Speak). However Steve Irwin’s death was still front page news and there were many tribute shows in the U.S. Also in most parts of Europe such as Sweden, were still reporting his death.

On the 8th September there were no newspaper articles on Steve Irwin’s death in the two major newspapers in Victoria. However there were still tribute shows by most major television networks in Australia.

The 9th September Steve Irwin’s death was overshadowed by the death of peter Brock. There was no mention of Steve Irwin in Victorian newspapers except for a small article In the Age with regards to Steve Irwin’s funeral. Most television networks were now focused on Peter Brock Death.

The story of Steve Irwin’s’ Death was given saturation coverage. Not only here in Australia but also around the world including America. The evening news programs gave it even more coverage with live crosses to Australia, interviews with colleagues and friends, background pieces on the dangers of stingrays. Part of the reason was America's celebrity culture (Irwin was well known...