The folowing essay is about the themes and ideas portrayed in William Shakespear's "Rome and Juliet"

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William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is said to be one of the most famous love stories of all times and has endured to modern audiences because of the ideas and themes the play contains. It is anchored on love, fate and violence.

In the beginning of the play Romeo attends a party where he meets Juliet. Romeo happens to gaze upon Juliet, who charms Romeo. They fall in love the moment they set eyes on each other. Romeo proclaims, "Did my heart love till now? For I never saw true beauty till this night" (Act 1, Scene 5). This quote demonstrates that Romeo understands the true meaning of beauty the moment he set eyes on Juliet. In fact, he forgets about his previous love of his life. His love for Juliet is at such an extent that he would betray his family, murder and ultimately die for. It is such a genuine coincidence that Romeo and Juliet were at the same place, at the same time.

The love and passion of Romeo and Juliet are brought together by fate. Romeo only met Juliet by chance because the Capulet servant was blind and unable to read the list of guests. It was fate which allowed Romeo and Juliet to fall in love before they realized that they were from opposing families. And it was also fate that stopped such a crucial letter being sent to Romeo, ultimately causing their deaths. A quote wich demonstrates this can be "A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life . This verse wich is in the beginning of the play suggests Rome and Juliet were destined to take their lives before they even met. Such is the consequences of fate. However fate is not the only theme wich had led the two lovers to their...