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The Food and Beverage sector within Western hotels plays a vital and profitable role. This essay will discuss the importance and influences, challenging factors, future trends and strategic opportunities of a number of key Food and Beverage issues. These issues include providing nutritional information on menus, inventory shrinkage and outsourcing to restaurants. Through the relevant research, a number of findings have been highlighted. Firstly, the option of hotels outsourcing to restaurants can create a beneficial partnership and increase revenue. Secondly, it is evident that the Food and Beverage industry is acknowledging that customers are concerned with the nutritional levels in their meals. Finally, this paper highlights the degree of importance that is related to combating the major issue of preventing inventory shrinkage. In terms of recommending the appropriate strategies, the essay will be referring to the best-suited solutions for the large and prestigious; Brisbane Marriott Hotel.

The Brisbane Marriott Hotel has created a reputation as one of the city's premier five-star hotels.

The establishment is classed as a large hotel, due to number of rooms and facilities available within the 28-storeys. This includes 267 guestrooms, a fully equipped gymnasium, indoor heated swimming pool, a sauna and day spa. (Marriott Hotel, 2006). As the Director of the Food and Beverage sector, a number of issues have been brought to attention and require solutions in order for the department to remain profitable. These include the need to decide upon which type of outsourcing relationship would be beneficial for the hotel, how menu information can be adequately communicated with customers and which method would effectively decrease inventory shrinkage. In order to determine which strategies should be highly recommended to combat these issues, the importance and influences, challenging factors, future trends, and possible solutions available need to be thoroughly analysed...