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Breakfast is an important meal, and one that is often missed due to today's hectic and stressful lifestyle. Going without breakfast can result in poor performance in work or school and may tempt us to eat less nutritious snacks, such as chocolate and crisps, which in excess are not good for us as they contain large amounts of sugar and salt.

My Survey

I asked sixteen people from my class to complete this survey, and here are the results.


Do you skip breakfast?853

Do you enjoy breakfast?574

Do you eat a healthy breakfast?565

Do you like big breakfasts?574

Do you know the damages of missing breakfast?1312

Do you snack after eating breakfast673

Although nearly all the students know the dangers and effects of missing breakfast, more people do this than others. Yet when asked the question "Do you enjoy breakfast?" most replied "no" this does not back up my theory that breakfast being missed is down to today's busy society.

Still just under ? said they did, other sources, not displayed here will also support my theory.

My Recipe

1 large chocolate croissant £ 0.95p :- I have chosen this, as it is high in carbohydrates and fats, which allow a full energy, supply for the day.

3 fresh large strawberries £ 0.15p :- I have not just chosen these specific fruits for their decorative colour and shape, but strawberries contain a higher vitamin C level than any other berry, which is needed for healthy immune system, bones, teeth, gums, skin, blood cells and also for absorbing other vitamins and minerals such as iron.

Cup of organic black tea £0.30p :- In a morning it can often be difficult to wake up. Tea gives a small amount of caffeine, which improves alertness and helps respiration. Tea is...