"Food Fight: The Truth about GMOs"

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Greenpeace considers genetic food a threat to the planet and that they will most likely increase the world hunger instead of lowering it like predicted. The first myth about these is that "genetic engineering is merely an extension of traditional breeding" (Food Fight 1). The reality is different as it has been developed to overcome limitations of traditional breeding. They perform things impossible and the two techniques and risks are completely different. The second myth is that GMOs can make food better, long lasting and more nutritious. The truth is that there is no true benefit beside from the financial gains from the companies creating them. The third myth is that they eliminate pesticides and are necessary when they require more herbicide creating super bugs. The fourth one is that "the government ensures that genetic engineering is safe for the environment and human health" (Food Fight 2). No one has done some long-term testing proving that they are safe.

The fifth myth is that there is no scientific evidence that they harm people or the environment when doctors are warning people that they might cause unexpected health consequences. Also, harm has been done on insects, on the soil and creating uncontrollable new species. The last myth is that GMOs are necessary to feed the growing population. Scientists say that gene technology would undermine the nations' capacities to feed them by destroying the diversity of their agriculture. The terminator seed which makes them sterile will prevent these people from using them again and saving.

This article explains all the assumptions people have on the GMOs and it also states what the truth is behind. They bring up a lot of aspects not discussed by Suzuki giving us more information. The basic argument is still the same that GMOs are bad but...