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Nov 24, 1859- science, and the world, as we knew it changed forever. Charles Darwin published "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection."

He said species change through time, and that all life is related by common ancestry.

The questions that Darwin had been asking has been asked for a long time, from Aristotle, to Erasmus Darwin, Charles' grandfather

Darwin is a contemporary of Charles Dickens; they are both from the same county in England.

Thomas Jefferson was president when Darwin was born, Lincoln was president in the years just after Origin of Species was published, and queen victoria became queen just after Darwin came back from his voyage.

Darwin came from a very privileged background.

His father was a physician, his paternal grandfather, Erasmus was a physician, and his maternal grandfather was a doctor.

Darwin was born Feb 12, 1809 in Shresbury, England as the 5th of 6 children.

At the age of 8 his mother died while he was in boarding school, where he was called naughty and unacademic. Darwin preferred to be outside.

He was expected to be a doctor.

Went to Edinburgh University for med school, but he was too squeamish for it. His father was not happy when he dropped out.

Darwin met John Edmonstone at Edinburgh University. John was a freed slave and most likely the first person of color Darwin interacted with. John told Darwin about Taxidermy.

Darwin then went to Cambridge University in 1827. Although there isn't blood for him to deal with anymore, he still isn't much of a scholar.

While he is there he studies the work of William Paley. Paley believes that all creation on earth has one common creator.

Revd John Henslow was Darwins favorite professor. Henslow was a very well...