Food Inc. Review

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Food Inc. Review

The film I chose to review is Food Inc. It is about how food is changing ever since fast food came out in the thirties. The creators of this film believe that as Americans, we have the right to know where our food is coming from and how it gets to the supermarket. In the film they talk about how the animals are kept in terrible living conditions, coated in their own waste. They discuss how cheap fast food is compared to fruits and vegetables, how powerful these multinational corporations can be, and they show the farms these animals are kept at. They also show the viewer the world of organic food and how much better it can be. They provide a few different examples of organic farmers and how much better their farms look. I really enjoyed Food Inc. and I think a lot of other people would enjoy this film, especially people who are interested in where the food at the local supermarket comes from, or anyone who believes cheaper is better.

In this review I am going to talk about the importance of the film, the emotion of the film, and any solutions it may have presented.

Food Inc dives into the extremely controversial subject of food. I was amazed that Barbara Kowalcyk, a food safety advocate, was afraid to say how her diet has changed since she had lost her son to an E. Coli outbreak. The raw power that these food corporations have is phenomenal; they have almost commodified all organic food making it more expensive than it has to be. Everyone needs food to survive, real food not some type of rearranged corn. The film shows how fast food is just mass production and how they only care about their profits,