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Food Journal Analysis #3

The MyPyramid Tracker is primarily recommended "to offer a healthy personal eating plan with the foods and amounts that are right for every American individual." This tool creates a more specific diet plan as proposed by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005. Based on the MyPyramid Tracker, the following are the results of my recorded food intake for August 3, 2007 versus the recommendations.

Overall, my total calorie intake (in kcals) is at 3655 which exceeds the recommended or acceptable range of 2938 which means it exceeds my energy needs for the day. For most of my vitamin intake (in mg), they also exceeded the recommended or acceptable ranges. The numbers indicate that there is a big difference in my intake, which is higher, and the CNPP recommendation. This is consistent with my nutritional goal for the day with fruit, milk and meat and beans consumptions recorded above the recommendation and total fat falling within the recommended range (as indicated by the smiling emoticons in the report).

Equivalent statistics in percent recommendation are 164% for fruits, 147% for milk and 370% for meat and beans. I am noting however my grain and vegetable intake, both of which fall below recommended daily intake but are still considered okay (as indicated by the smug emoticons in the report). Equivalent statistics in percent recommendation are 62% for grains and 63% for vegetables. My cholesterol and sodium intakes both highly exceed the recommendation and these are bad indicators that need to be improved for my next meals and overall diet (as indicated by the sad emoticons in the report).

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 states that "…meeting nutrient recommendations must go hand in hand with keeping calories under control." This puts into question whether or not my food intake...