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On June 15, 2014, I made an appointment with Mr. Ali Alzahrani, regional manager for Al Baik restaurant; the meeting was on June 17, 2014 in Jeddah city. Al Baik is a chain of fast food restaurants in Saudi Arabia that primarily fried chicken and shrimp with a variety of sauce. The reason of choosing this restaurant is to know how the restaurant handles the product flow in their production. Al Baik is one of the largest chains in Saudi Arabia and one of the major competitors in the fast food industry.


Fried chicken recipe: the restaurant has a unique and delicious fried chicken recipe, which give it a competitive advantage over its rivals.

Low prices: the prices for 4 pieces of chicken is SR10 ( $3. This price has not been changed over the years.

Fast serving: the goal of serving a meal is one minute and less.


Quality: ALBAIK and its franchisees shall always guarantee that its FSMS is on compliance with all food safety related regulations/legislations and ISO 22000:2005 requirements


Location: Al Baik has only branch in the west region of Saudi Arabia because of some political reasons.

Al Baik Mission and goal:

To be the market leaders wherever we are by continuously satisfying our customers:

Through following the highest standards of food safety, quality and service

Through providing a comfortable, safe and secure environment

Through offering the most competitive value possible

Through working with highly motivated, successful and ethical team members, franchisees, and primary suppliers

Through making a positive impact on customers and neighbors of all backgrounds and nationalities, both within our own walls and outside of our restaurants.

Since the appointment was just for half an hour, I tried to...