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Rides-by-the-Door has three wives; however, each wife has a different status in their marriage, and in their community. The number one wife in the eyes of Rides-by-the-Door would have to be Double Strike Woman. Double Strike Woman is the sit next to wife, for Rides-by-the-Door. She is the only one of Rides-by-the-Door's wives who has given birth to a child. Double Strike Woman would seem to be in her late 20's and early 30's, which would be like being late middle age, in today's standards. Double Strike Woman is also the most of the three wives involved in the community. She would have to be Rides-by-the-Door's favorite wife.

Stripped Face is Rides-by-the-Door's number two wife, and his second favorite wife. She was regarded as the girl that would never marry. Stripped Face is very attractive, she is known as the flirt in the village. She would tease and make fun of Rides-by-the-Door until he would get angry.

Rides-by-the-Door would then take her into the small lodge, where they would struggle among the robes. Stripped Face works with Double Strike Woman to get more out of Rides-by-the-Door. Stripped Face, like Double Strike Woman is in her late 20's and early 30's.

Kills-close-to-the-Lake is the number three wife or the last wife. She is only 17 years old. She is treated like she is a slave to the other two wives. Kills-close-to-the-Lake was forced to marry Rides-by-the-Door; by her father Mad Wolf. Mad Wolf was a poor man, so Rides-by-the-Door was doing a favor for Mad Wolf by marring Kills-close-to-the-Lake. Rides-by-the-Door treats Kills-close-to-the-Lake more like a daughter than his wife. Kills-close-to-the-Lake is extremely unhappy and she seems to have a bad life.