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1. Jack works for a company that inspects car malfunctions and decides if it is too cheap. He travels from city to city hoping that the plane will crash. Jack and Tyler our on an airplane and don?t know each other, not yet at least. Jack soon starts talking to Tyler, on the airplane, and realizes that they have the same suitcase and have a lot of different things in common. Tyler works as a film projectionist and was a banquet waiter at a downtown hotel. After I had read this, I realized that maybe they had too many things in common. Such that, maybe they were the same person.

2. The first major even would have to be the meeting of the two men. Then Jack finds his apartment in shreds. He decides to call his newfound friend Tyler and go to a bar with him. Outside the bar Tyler says ?hit me as hard as you can?.

Jack seems very confused but hits him anyway. Fight Club is born. They begin to build this ?Fight Club?, an underground association where equally frustrated men can take out their anger on each other. Soon many fight clubs begin to pop up everywhere and Tyler is known as a celebrity among members.

The next important event: Jack starts to notice that he hasn?t seen Tyler recently and decides to look for him. He stops by all the fight club bars asking if they have seen him. When he asks men most of them think it?s some sort of test. Finally, a man says, ?yes, you are.? Jack starts to pull things together. He goes to sleep and is woken up by Tyler explaining that they are the same person. Tyler is Jack?s split personality. Jack starts to remember all...