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Football Safety Football is a very violent sport in which it relies on protective equipment and certain tactics to prevent simple and complex injuries. To prove that theory there are at least 448,000 football-related injuries every year to athletes around the age of 16, resulting in a total cost of $6.89 billion (Youth Football Injuries) . It seems in America violence is what makes sports so entertaining. For example, why do people go to races? To see the crashes. Why do people go to boxing matches or watch wrestling on TV? Only to see other people beat themselves up. The sport of football to a young high school student is nothing more than a form of legalized violence, and it has been since the begging of the Pop Warner Leagues. Since then people have packed themselves into small high school stadiums on Friday nights to see teams literally abuse one another for the fun of the sport.

As the sport of football was evolving, so was the equipment worn by players. When the sport was just breaking through it went through a stage called the "Leather Head"� period. This period was named after the type of helmets worn by players in those early years. These helmets were made of tough leather and fit like a regular cap. After noticing the overwhelming amount of injuries to the head and to the face of the players, a new helmet was formed. These new helmets were made from thick strong plastic. On these helmets were no type of mask to shield the player's face, so broken noses and other such facial injuries were typical. Realizing this problem the next innovation brought to football was the facemask. This mask was made from only a clear piece of plastic covering the lower half of...