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I tried to organise my folders beforehand but found I had to create new ones. I read my file names but realised that the examiners may not understand them so I renamed them for the examiner to understand more clearly. This caused a problem with the video and animation as I had already linked it to the presentation and they would not wok and had to insert them again. I kept backup copies on my work space and on a USB, Sometimes I only saved in one folder but opened up from another and could not find the file. I had to remember to save in both locations.

This might be a problem when I back it up for the moderator/teacher and may have to re-do the links again on the format I finally submit it.

I tried to keep my log up of websites pictures to date but this got tedious.

It is because I chose to do too many pictures. I started naming my pictures with the website I got them from so I could complete the log at a later date.

In researching the web sites I was lucky that the first two web sites were so contrasting and provided me with enough material to gain all the marks. It was easy to discover the file type and sizes used with the exception of flash animation so I had to just give the quality of the flash animation as an indicator of file size.

The template makes the presentation look very professional and inspires trust. I experimented with different shades of green for the line colours but this made it look dull I prefer the yellow lines as it is must fresher.

The contact information if sufficient for all forms of communication.

I created a simple...