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When the performance started there were fog machines, black lights, and glow sticks, dancing, and singing I was just thrown back I had never seen anything like it before! It was awesome! The main character Ren looked really cute from far away and had a really good voice! All of the other characters had really good voices also. The props were outstanding and the moved on and off the stage in an instant.

The performance was filled with many scenes that made me laugh so hard and then there were those that made me feel sad. All these things made an excellent performance! The choreography was superb. The plot of the play was outstanding and they never missed a part from the original movie. They also added a few parts that weren't in the movie just for laughs which made it even better.

My favorite part in the performance was at the very end when they had the dance.

Everyone had prom like dresses on and they were dancing like crazy. They were doing swing dancing and all other sorts of dancing. It amazes me that those girls could dance in about three inch heels and not miss and beat. The music in the performance was the best. The sound effects that went with them really added to the setting of the musical. Another good part in the play was when Ren and his friends tried to get the law passed that would let them have a dance and when they break out in dance one of the serious official jury lady stands up and says' "Who let the Dogs out!". Everyone on stage stops and looks at her and starts laughing it was great! After the performance was over we went out into the lobby and guess who came out, the main characters and they were signing autographs. I ran up there and got the main girls autograph and the guys, but guess what the guy was not cute at all. He was short and he did not look like how he did during the performance oh well!