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Photography Football Project

By Jamie Bleumink

Football is a sport that requires a photographer that knows all the rules and highlights of the game.

The type of equipment used for photography at a football match is a 35 mm SLR camera with a focus lens, a long lens and a normal lens plus a case and a zoom for getting close up. An umbrella if it is raining and a soft cloth in case the lens get wet or dirty and alot of film. The camera will also need a motor drive so the photographers can take lots of pictures and choose the best picture. The photographer may need special film in case he is photographing a night game or a day game. Fast film would be needed if it is a dark or cloudy day because it soaks up light quicker. Also batteries for the camera and some photographers may have a digital camera to be able to actually see the pictures they have taken.

Football is an outdoor sport but at the Telstra Dome it can become either because it has an open able and closable roof. The photos are normally taken when someone is running with a footy or taking a good mark or a specky. To get a great shot you need to know what good football highlights are. Some good photos in football aren't always taken of the actual players on the ground; there are a lot of photos in the paper of the whole team or the coach or even sometimes the spectators.


For example when Carlton bet Collingwood they had a few photos of Micheal Malthouse in alot of anger and disappointment while the blues were in 'Happy times' and celebrating.

This photo below has been taken by a photographer that has...