Forbidden Attraction

Essay by sairz69 May 2004

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'Oh my god', the girl screamed inside her head, 'Oh my god, I cant believe I'm actually about to do this. How could something like this have happened to me? Why me? What if someone finds out? How could I have been so stupid.' A thousand and one questions raced through her mind, and she couldn't find the strength to think of a sensible answer to any of them and all she wanted to do was lie down in the middle of the street and scream her lungs out.

As Amy walked up to the large glass doors, she felt her heart jump into her mouth. Her stomach felt as though someone was twisting all of her insides into impossible gymnastic positions. If someone had told her six months ago that she would be here, she probably would have nearly killed herself laughing. She could just turn around and run now.

Forget about all this. Leave everyone she ever loved and start again someplace else. It was a welcoming possibility, but she was thinking illogically and Amy ordered herself to get a grip. Her best friend's soft hand crept into hers and she squeezed it back tightly, took a deep breath and stepped through the door.

The room she found herself in was not in the slightest bit daunting. In fact, it seemed quite welcoming - not really fitting its purpose at all. The room was bright and cheery, containing pot plants and there was a friendly, smiling receptionist behind the desk. Amy opened her mouth to speak, but there was a lump in her throat preventing her voice from escaping. She tried to swallow it but it just kept growing and Amy started to panic. Luckily Jasmine, her best friend in the whole world, explained the situation to the...