Forced to Fight: the United State's Envolvement in Vietnam, and the Anti-war Movement

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The Vietnam anti-war movement was a very important part of American history. It reshaped the way Americans thought about the government, and was revolutionary in the way the people of the country voiced their opinions and used their right to free speech. The anti-war movement set a foundation for the citizens of the United States to be active in politics and blazed the trails for protesters in later years. It began a new type of lifestyle, and taught the US government lessons about listening to the people of the country.

The Vietnam War itself was influential and important, but so was the anti-war movement that went with it. By both learning from our mistakes, and learning from the successes of the antiwar movement, we have been able to better handle politics revolving around war in the years following the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War may be over and the antiwar movement that grew from it may have faded, but it has left an impression and forever changed the way people act towards the government's decisions.

The movement against the war grew up in many countries. Anti-war protesters linked with each other across international borders and across oceans. This connected the young generation with ideas, viewpoints, activities, styles, and culture that changed local cultures and took us a step closer to globalization of ideas and fashions.

The anti-war movement had profound effects on the lives of individuals who participated. It made dramatic and long-lasting changes in United States and international politics and culture.

The Roots of War

Vietnamese people have a legend that 5,000 years ago Vietnam was ruled by a dragon called Lac Long Quang. He was good and his reign was remembered as "the Golden Age". Lac Long Quang supposedly married a beautiful fairy, Au Co. They hatched...